Akimova  Iryna



Born in Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya region, Ukraine, 1975.

Works in Ursel, Belgium.

From early childhood Akimova  Iryna was interested in drawing  and painting everything she set her eyes on: animals, people, landscapes.

After graduating from a children’s art school she graduated from high school with an in-depth study of physics and mathematics.

 Iryna obtained bachelor and  master degree as electrician engineer in Tavria State Agrotechnical Academy.  She made a successful career as a manager in the sales structure.

2014 Akimova Irina moves to live in Belgium. Return to art world  begins from a study of the course of fashion and style. Starts at 2018 and to the present year she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts  AALST (DKO) , drawing.

In July 2019, the first exhibition of paintings was held in the gallery at the Knokke casino. Also in July 2019 she began creating works by a chain-saw.

 Iryna’s personal style traces the deep understanding and impotence of each line. Moreover, the styles of her right and left hands are significantly different from each other.

The artist prefers to work with nature , so her work reflects the unique of the moment and the uniqueness of the sensations at this moment,  are filled with philosophical meaning and give room for understanding and the own interpretation.

Akimova Iryna’s works are found both in private and public collections across Europe.

* “AUC” This is a symbol that includes uppercase letters of a personal name, Alphabet Cyrillic, which Iryna has been using since childhood to sign works. Subsequently, this symbol acquired the meaning of the logo and the reference interpretation.